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Create New Parts

Use the Parts panel to create parts you can reference in your specification and claims and integrate into your figures.

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This article covers the following topics:

  • Create New Parts in the Parts Panel

  • Other Ways New Parts Are Created

  • Now What?

Create New Parts in the Parts Panel

  1. Open the Drawing Tool and expand the Parts Panel in the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Navigate to the figure you wish the part(s) to be associated with


    Click a part listed for that figure in the Parts Panel.

  3. Click the Add Part control provided at the end of each figure list


    Place your cursor at the end of a part name and press Enter on your keyboard.

  4. Provide the desired part data (number and name) for your part.

  5. Hit enter after typing the part name to quickly create another part in your current figure list and repeat this process.

    For autonumbered figure lists, changes made to the increment will be “sticky” when new parts are created but can be quickly modified as desired by clicking the part number control and making a new selection.

Other Ways New Parts Are Created

New parts are created and populated in the Parts Panel list in a few other ways:

  • Placing a stencil on the canvas creates a new part.

  • Placing a term on the canvas creates a new stencil and a new part.

  • Importing Word (.docx) text identifying part references creates a parts list to hold detected part numbers and names.

Note that removing the number from or deleting a stencil from the canvas may not remove the part from the Parts Panel. Parts must be deleted in the Parts Panel, or will be deleted when their associated figure is deleted.

Now What?

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