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Move a booking to a different table

- Using the Table View

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You may want to change the tables guests are automatically assigned to ahead of their arrival. Or, they may request a different table upon arrival. And, should they want to be moved after sitting down, you can do that as well. All can be easily achieved via drag and drop or using the booking window.

Hint: If you frequently need to rearrange the table assignments, reach out to our team at or via the chat button in the bottom righthand corner to see if we can help better prioritize how your tables are assigned.

 1.     Find the booking you want to move in the Upcoming, Seated, or All panes.

2.     On tablet, tap on the dots to the right of the Table assignment, hold down until the booking shows a drop shadow, drag it on top of the table you want to assign it to, and release your finger. There will be a dotted line outlining the table you will assign the booking to before you release your finger.

On desktop, hover the pointer over the dots, click and drag.

ONLY drag and drop if the booking is assigned to a single table. If you have multiple tables assigned, click into the booking and use the Edit Booking view to de/select multiple tables.

3.     The table number will change from the previous assignment to the new table.

Note: CLICK HERE to understand what a pop-up message with the options Force and Cancel mean

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