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Learn how to setup customer specific pricing books

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Pricing books is a premium feature that is enabled on request. Reach out to learn more.

At Salesbuildr, we understand that each customer is unique and may require individual pricing strategies. Therefore, we offer you three main options to accommodate these needs.

1: Customer-specific discount rules - This option allows you to manage different prices for the same product category for each customer, providing you with the flexibility to offer tailored pricing depending on the customer's requirements or business relationship. Read more here.

2: Pricing book - If you're looking to provide a specific list of products at different prices for a particular period, you can make use of the Pricing book. It enables you to create and manage temporary pricing strategies for specific customers, ideal for seasonal offers or promotional campaigns.

3: Import to quote - This feature is perfect for those situations where you have a special offer from a supplier that you want to make specific to a customer. By importing this into a quote, you can ensure that these unique deals are passed directly to your customers. Read more here.

Pricing books can be used to keep track of specific prices for selected products from your catalog for a specified period. This works well when you work with special pricing or tenders and bids.

A customer can only have one pricing book.

Pricing books can be created by navigating to Products, Pricing books in the dashboard menu. There is a pricing book editor permission that can be used to restrict who can create and manage pricing books.

A pricing book can track

  1. Pricing book name

  2. Pricing book description

  3. Customer

  4. One or more products or services

  5. Pricing details

  6. A valid from date

  7. A valid to date

For each line item in the pricing book, you can configure the following fields:

If you do not set a custom cost, the system will pull the cost from the catalog.

If all products on the pricing book have a "valid to" date that is in the past, the entire pricing book will be moved to the tab "without valid items"

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