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Setting up dynamic product pricing

Learn how to configure pricing and pricing rules

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Salesbuildr can automatically update prices for products that have a manufacturer part number. You can set rules for what distributor Salesbuildr should select when updating the cost price for a product, read this article to learn how.

To enable Salesbuildr to automatically update your sales price, you will have to either set a product specific markup (not recommended because you will have to update this on a per product basis over time) or set a default markup for the primary category for that product, which enables you to manage markups for all product in a category.

Configuring dynamic prices for products

An explicitly entered cost price will prevent Salesbuildr from updating the cost price for that specific product. While there could be reasons for that (special pricing), ideally you want to keep your cost prices aligned to daily market conditions to prevent miscalculations.

If you clear the explicit cost price for a product, Salesbuildr will automatically update the price for you. Edit a product and select the pricing tab.

  1. Clear the explicit cost so the cost appears greyed out and displays "From distributor"

  2. Clear the explicit markup so the markup appears greyed out and displays "From category" (learn how to set category markups in this article)

  3. Clear the explicit price so the price appears greyed out. Salesbuildr will not automatically calculate the sales price based on the cost price and the category markup.

  4. Use the audit log to view price changes over time

To quickly find products in your catalog that have an explicit cost price configured, use the following filters on the products tab in the dashboard.

  1. Select products

  2. Select In stock, backorder or unavailable

  3. Select "Has Explicit Cost Configured"

You can use the bulk editor to clear explicit cost prices, markups and sales prices for the selected products to enable Salesbuildr to dynamically update to cost price for these product going forward.

How Salesbuildr updates products in Autotask

Salesbuildr will automatically update the cost prices for products with manufacturer part numbers to the Autotask product entity as shown below. A new product in Salesbuildr will be automatically created in Autotask when you add it to a new quote. We do this to make sure the Autotask product database will not be cluttered with products that are never sold.

The selected distributor in Salesbuildr will be marked as the default vendor for this product.

Learn how Salesbuildr can automatically picks a distributor for a product by reading Setting distributor preferences.

Make sure you have enabled "Synchronize to Autotask" on the admin, Autotask, product import page. As long as this switch is turned off, Salesbuildr will not update existing products in Autotask.

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