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Why do I see Withdrawals in my Campaign?
Why do I see Withdrawals in my Campaign?
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There are two ways in which an invitation can be withdrawn

  • Automatic withdrawals - Salesflow will withdraw invitations after 20 days if the invite has not been accepted.

  • Manual Withdrawals - You can use this option when you wish to make a withdrawal at any time. This can be done to single or multiple contacts.

Is important to note that the task is scheduled and invitations will be withdrawn the next time the campaign runs and they will show a pending status when opening the contact's log. You can only withdraw up to 100 invites per day.

NOTE: the amount set to withdraw will be exactly the same as your invites.
Example: If you have your campaign sending 50 to 60 invites per day, the campaign will withdrawn 50 to 60 invites per day as well.

Please note that after 3 weeks, your contacts with withdrawn invitations will go back to status "Not Connected", only then you will be able to re-invite these contacts.

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