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Updates to match reporting: save lineups and record goals/cards
Updates to match reporting: save lineups and record goals/cards

New on September 02, 2020

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Today, we released two new important features across reporting. These updates finally give you the power and flexibility to scout best-in-class reports with more detail - all while improving time efficiency.

Save a lineup

Basically, we try to automatically provide ready-made lineups for a huge amount of teams. But for the case, you'll need to update or create new squads there's now an intuitive way to save a certain line-up and using that data for all upcoming matches with this team - reducing valuable time in recurring line-up preparation.

And here's how to do:

  1. Build your preferred line-up. Each time you make any changes on the lineup or the formation, a button "Save lineup as default" pops up.

  2. Tap on this button and the current lineup will be saved. For any upcoming matches of this team, this lineup is set up as default.

Important: The button is only visible if a modification of the current linup is made.

For details how to add a new player please have a look here.

Record goals and cards

With robust new icons, your team can record more event data with less effort. For example, you can now collect details for goals and yellow (red) cards and make it easy to automatically synz the match result.

To add a goal, here's how to do:

  1. Open the player evaluation bubble and click on NOTES.

  2. On the top of the notes field, you'll find a button for goal, yellow card and red card.

  3. Tap on GOALS. Thereupon a small icon is added to the player bubble and the match result at the top is automatically updated.

If you want to delete an event, you can do so on the history tab on the left. Click on EDIT and remove the event to be deleted. The event is then completely cleared from the report. To add or change comments afterwards, please open the pdf file. All entries are displayed here in a clearer format.

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