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Disability Placard
Disability Placard
Learn how to apply, renew, replace, or check the status of your disability placard.
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What is the difference between a disability placard and disability tag?
What if I don’t receive my placard within 2 months?
Is there a grace period after the expiration date of a Disability Placard?
Do I have to pay a fee when applying for a disability placard?
How long are disability placards valid?
Why did I get a temporary placard when I’ve always had 5-year disability parking placards?
When can I renew my disability parking placard?
Is my Placard valid if I ride in the car with someone else or have a driver take me?
Can I deliver my Disability Placard application in person?
What if I need my placard immediately?
When will I receive my parking placard?
I have two motor vehicles. How do I get more than one placard?
What type of medical personnel can sign my disability parking placard application?
How do I replace a placard that has been lost, stolen, or destroyed?
How do I apply for Disability Placard?
Do I need to see the doctor to renew my disability placard?