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Manage a Kids Account
Manage a Kids Account

You manage a Kids Account from within your own personal Sharesies account.

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View a Kids Account

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Select ‘Switch account’ if you’re on desktop, or in Settings if using the app.

  3. Select the child’s name—you’ll be in their Portfolio.

You can manage their investments, top up their Wallet, and update their details (including their prescribed investor rate (PIR) and transfer age) in Settings.

When the child is old enough to take over their account, you can separate the account from yours. This can be requested once the child hits the set transfer date—they’ll need to be at least 18 years old. When the account is transferred, they’ll be the owner of their Sharesies account, have their own login, and manage their own investments.

Transfer money or investments from your Sharesies account to the Kids Account

You can’t transfer money or investments directly from your own Portfolio into a Kids Account Portfolio. You have to sell your investments and withdraw the money first, and then reinvest it from the Kids Account.

Use the child’s unique customer reference when topping up their account. Find this in the Kids Account under Wallet > Top up with bank transfer.

Transfer a Kids Account

Either the adult or the child can request to transfer the account to the child after the transfer date by emailing with the following information:

  • the email address for the account to be transferred to

  • copy or photo of the child's photo ID (a NZ passport, NZ driver licence, or a certified copy of an overseas passport).

We’ll then email both the adult and the child with confirmation that you’ve started the transfer process. You’ll both need to follow the instructions in the email to complete the transfer process.

You can set an exact transfer date for a Kids Account under Settings > Transfer date.

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