Kids Accounts at Sharesies

You don’t have to be a parent or guardian of a child to create a Kids Account.

To open a Sharesies Kids Account, you’ll need:

  • valid ID for the child (a NZ birth certificate, NZ passport, or NZ driver licence)

  • a certified copy of the child’s overseas passport or birth certificate if they don’t have valid NZ ID

  • the child's IRD number

  • the child’s foreign tax number (if applicable)

  • the child’s residential address (this doesn’t need to be verified)

  • to agree to the Sharesies Kids Accounts Terms and Conditions.

Kids Accounts can be opened for anyone under the age of 18, and can only be accessed through the adult account it’s linked to.

Kids Accounts also have access to all investment options on Sharesies. 🙌

Fees apply when using Kids Accounts.

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