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You'll need to meet certain sign-up requirements to create a Sharesies account, or Kids Account.

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Open an account

To open a Sharesies account for yourself, you’ll need to:

Create Kids Account

To create a Sharesies Kids Account for a kid in your life, you’ll need to:

  • have an active Sharesies account

  • provide ID of the child (birth certificate, NZ passport, or a certified copy of an overseas passport)

  • provide the child’s IRD number, and confirm their foreign tax residency (if applicable)

  • enter a residential address (this doesn’t need to be verified), and

  • agree to the Sharesies Kids Accounts Terms and Conditions.

You aren’t able to set up trust, company, or joint accounts on Sharesies.

Nature and purpose questions

As part of our anti-money laundering efforts and NZ regulatory requirements, we need to understand the nature and purpose of your investing. We’ll ask you a few questions about how you plan to invest to help us understand this. A best guess is fine!

Your responses won’t affect what you can access on the Sharesies platform, and can be updated any time in Settings > Personal details.

Verify your ID

You may need to verify your ID once you deposit over $1,000 NZD into your Sharesies Wallet.

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