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Investment report, transaction report (CSV), and contract notes
Investment report, transaction report (CSV), and contract notes

Access your investment report, transaction report, or contract notes within your Sharesies account.

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Download a transaction report (CSV) of your buy and sell transactions and use this to manually integrate your data with share tracking software, or your own investment tracking spreadsheet.

You also have the ability to connect your Sharesies Portfolio to a Sharesight account.

Download an investment or transaction (CSV) report

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Go to your investment portfolio > Manage > Download reports.

  3. Choose the period you would like a report for, and whether you’d like to download an investment report (PDF file) or a transaction report (CSV file).

  4. Select Export report to save or download the report.

Find a contract note

A contract note is like a receipt which shows you the details for each of your buy and sell orders.

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Select one of the investments in your Portfolio.

  3. Choose the Your Investment tab.

  4. Go to Investing activity. Select a contract note for each order and view them separately. Contract notes can’t be downloaded—take a screenshot if you need a record of your contract note.

You can also view your contract notes in Wallet > Transaction History. Only contract notes for filled or partially filled orders will appear in your transaction history.

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