You can only withdraw NZD from your Wallet. You'll be able to withdraw money from your Wallet once you sell your investments and the money settles in your Wallet.

You’ll need to exchange money from Australian dollars (AUD) or US dollars (USD) into NZD before making a withdrawal.

Withdraw money from your Wallet

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Go to Wallet > Withdraw.

  3. Enter how much you’d like to withdraw (NZD).

  4. Enter the bank account name and number for the account you’d like the money withdrawn into (you can also choose a bank account number from the options available).

It can take up to two working days to process a withdrawal request. If your withdrawal request is over a certain amount, we'll send a text confirmation to the mobile phone number you've saved on your Sharesies account. You’ll need to reply to confirm your withdrawal, and then we’ll process the payment into your nominated bank account.

If we need more information from you to comply with any legal or regulatory obligation, withdrawals may take longer.

If you have any questions, send a message to

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