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Position of the signature [Signertags]
Position of the signature [Signertags]

How do I determine the postition of the signature in the document?

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This support article describes step by step how to determine the digital signature position(s) in a document. You can also use our free Evidos App or the drag-and-drop function in our web portal to define the position of the signature.

Are you using an API connection through one of our partners? Check with our partner on how to determine the signature location.

Figure 1 – Adding a signature tag to a document.

Before uploading the document to be signed, it is possible to use the following syntax to determine where the signature will be added: This syntax is case-sensitive!

{{Signer1}} {{Signer2}}

To avoid changing the look of the document, you can choose to make the text the same colour as the background (e.g. white). This way the text will be invisible, but still do its job.

For each successive signatory, the number after ‘Signer’ increases by 1, {{Signer1}}, {{Signer2}}, {{Signer3}} etc. These numbers also correlate to the numbers of the signatories in the portal:

Figure 2 – Which signature tag belongs to which signatory?

Keep in mind!

If you are using your own font, the service may not recognize it. For this reason, it is best to use a standard font (such as Times New Roman or Arial) to make sure the signature ends up in the right place. 

Even if you have a pdf document it is possible to open it in Word, add the signertag and than save as pdf again.

One signature per signer on the document is sufficient for legal validity. If you place too many signature tags, the document cannot be sent successfully.

You can also define the digital signature location by drag-and-drop in the web portal or the free Evidos App.

I want to determine the position of the digital signature in Adobe Reader: You can, see this support article how to determine the position of signatures in Adobe Reader.

Use scribble as Paraph: It is not necessary to add signature tags for initializing a document. We explain it here.

Our support team is happy to help you via chat or e-mail

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