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Multiple signatures per signer

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In the portal we offer a function to initial pages.

From a legal point of view, the paraph is no longer necessary to approve documents, since the digital signature is placed over the entire document as a piece of software, not just on the last page. In addition, a stamp is placed over the document, as a result of which the document can no longer be modified without this seal being broken (see also: certificates). Read more about the legal background of initials here.

Attention! Make sure that the Scribble is included as a verification method when the paraffin function is enabled.

However, sometimes the form of a document is linked to rules that are independent of legal validity. That is why  still offers the paraph function. On all pages where there is no digital signature, we place the paraph on the bottom right of the page. The location of the paraph cannot be changed. The paraph is actually the scribble of the signer.

Figure 1 - Mark the checkbox Use scribble as paraph

It is therefore not necessary to place the signertags several times in the document or use multiple drag en drop fields. Use this preferably once per signer, and use the function offered for initialing.

Example for realtors
Do you have a purchase agreement in which the sellers and/or buyers need to sign on every page?

  1. Place one signertag per signer on a specific location within the document. Click here for more information.

  2. Use the paraph function. This makes sure the signatures will be put on all other pages in the right-bottom corner.

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