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What verification level do I need?
What verification level do I need?
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All private documents can be signed using the advanced digital signature. ‘Private documents’ are all documents that are not subject to statutory formal requirements, and include many types of notarial or accountancy documents.

Read more about the e-signature and it's legal requirements:

An advanced digital signature is legally just as valid as a signature on paper. Signatures via Signhost are always advanced.

  • Employment contract: Standard verification

  • Contracts, quotes: Standard verification. Depending on the scope of the document, stricter verification may be selected.

  • Processor agreements: Standard verification

  • Payroll deductions form: Standard verification + SMS

  • Transactions, confidentiality agreements, etc.: Standard verification

  • Target group statement: digital signature in own archive, however the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) always requires a pen-and-ink signature on paper.

Tip: the verifications are useful to mitigate certain risks automatically.

  • Wish to make or authorise a transfer from an IBAN account number? A 1-cent iDEAL transaction will confirm verification of the bank account during signing.

  • If you require concrete identity, date of birth, or address details, these are provided by iDIN.

  • CSN-checks are possible with DigiD (for public/semi-public institutions only).

  • A businessperson's commercial identity can be verified using E-herkenning.

  • Verification methods for outside the Netherlands could be Itsme or Zealid.

Verification methods

Some organisations do not yet have the infrastructure to receive digitally-signed documents. These include the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) for target group statements, or the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) for dating deeds of pledge. For more questions regarding document types, please do not hesitate to contact us!

An overview of some of the document types that our customers sign with Signhost:

Insurance policies

Financial Lease

Private Lease

Rental agreements

Our support team is happy to assist you via chat or via

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