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Install Signhost Google Workplace Add-on
Install Signhost Google Workplace Add-on

How do I install the Signhost Google Workplace Add-on?

Updated over a week ago

We recently moved to a new product name: Signhost. The add-on is currently still in the old style and uses our former product name: Evidos.

This support article explains how to install the Signhost Add-on for Google Workspace. With the Signhost Add-on you can digitally sign directly from your Gmail or Google Docs file.

Would you rather know how to generate a user token? Click here to read our support article about this.


You can find the Signhost add-on here in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Then click on 'Install'.

A pop-up will ask you to authorize the installation. Click on "Continue"

Select account

Select the Google account you want to connect the add-on with:

Using the Signhost Google Add-on in Google Docs

When you open a Google Docs document, you will find the Signhost icon in the sidebar. By clicking on this icon, you can start using the add-on.

Our support team is happy to help you via chat or e-mail:

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