ID Proof

Digital identification with passport and identity card

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ID Proof allows you to digitally identify a person with passport, ID card, driving licence, or residence permit. Your customer receives a link to an online web form where he/she can carry out the online identification.

Signhost offers three ways to digitally identify a person through a web form:

  • Camera + selfie check

  • NFC with the ReadID app

  • NFC with the Evidos app

You have indicated to us in advance which of the customer's data you would like to receive after the online identification. As a result, you do not store more data than necessary. Signhost creates the 'identification file' in which all the steps of the online identification and the correct data of the client are processed. In this way, the customer has identified him/herself online.

You receive the dossier in the Signhost portal. If you also make use of digital signing, these dossiers can be placed in the same portal. The files remain available in the portal for up to 30 days.

Watch the online video of the several identification methods here.

Your customer does not manage to complete the process successfully, what now?

Click here to view the FAQ for your customer. Go through the tips and advice with the customer to find out what is going wrong. See below:

  • The customer does not look like the photo in his/her passport:
    The face must be identifiable, if because of a beard / glasses someone is not identifiable then the system rejects it. The digital tool is rather too strict here than not strict enough. Although this is being developed, in the event of such exceptions the identification will have to be done in the old way;

  • The customer fails to complete the process successfully:
    The customer may see an unknown error message or fails to successfully complete the process, even when trying it on another device. Ask the customer for as much information as possible. At what point does the customer get stuck? Is it possible to send a screenshot? What device is the customer using? Then contact our support team;

  • The information in the file does not match the information in the passport:
    The main purpose of the identification is to find out whether the document is valid and the right person is going through the process. The algorithm recognizes characters, but it cannot recognize them properly. A solution could be to have the photo of the passport on file or to use readID/Evidos App where the NFC chip is read;

  • The customer has carried out the process with a copy of the passport:
    In the process, the document is checked for authenticity and whether the person is truly the same person as the document picture. This can also be done using a copy of the passport.

Our support team is happy to help you via chat or e-mail:

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