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Black or no screen in live trading room / website
Black or no screen in live trading room / website

Chrome browser window is blank, freezes, disappears or becomes black when logged into live trading room.

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Black / Blank Live Trading Room

Test the live room in a different browser

Switch to another browser and see if you have the same experience.

See General Browser Maintenance and usage under Related links.

Change hardware acceleration settings in Chrome

If you have an unexpected experience with the live room displaying correctly, please disable / turn off the hardware acceleration setting in the Google Chrome browser.

1) Go to settings

In the upper right corner of your Chrome browser, left click on the 3 vertical dots (hamburger menu).

From the Drop-down menu, choose Settings.

2) Reveal the Advanced menu

Click on Advanced in the left side menu

3) Choose System

From the Advanced drop-down menu, left click on System.

4) Turn off "Use hardware acceleration when available"

Click on the Slider for "Use hardware acceleration when available" of it's off position.

5) Relaunch Chrome

You may be prompted to re-start the chrome browser. If so, left click on Relaunch.

General Browser Maintenance and usage

Supported browsers

Troubleshooting - Issues using the Simpler Trading Website / live trading

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