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About - Squeeze Rotation Signal tool study
About - Squeeze Rotation Signal tool study

Squeeze Signals Price Rotation multi-time frame indicator.

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Squeeze Rotation Signals

Squeeze Rotation Signals

The Squeeze Rotation Signals are a companion study to the Squeeze Rotation tool.

Squeeze Rotation Signals, consists of Turn Dots and Cross Arrows.

Arrows show when a time frame crossed the zero line from negative to positive (up arrow) or down arrow for positive to negative. More arrows of different colors means more time frames are crossing the zero line. The first opposite arrow can be used as an exit.

Dots mean that the oscillators are starting to roll over. A 'heads up dot' says momentum is starting to shift from either red to yellow (green dots), or from light blue to dark blue (red dots). This may be used to scale in or out.

Typically a larger move unfolds once the arrows appear, indicating momentum is starting to cross the zero line.

Dots and Arrows

The below image illustrates the Turn Dot and Cross Arrow relationships with the Squeeze Rotation tool oscillator (middle) and the Squeeze's momentum histogram (bottom).

Only one of six Squeeze Rotation Signal time frames is represented in the below image for explanatory purposes. The Squeeze Rotation Signals can represent each of six Rotation time frames, each with separate arrows / dots.

Cross arrows denote when the Squeeze momentum oscillator and histogram cross up (green arrows) or down through it's zero line (red arrows).

Green or dark green Turn Dots appear when momentum changes from increasing bearish bias (red squeeze oscillator) to decreasing bearish bias (yellow squeeze oscillator).

Red or dark red Turn Dots appear when momentum changes from increasing bullish bias (light blue squeeze oscillator) to decreasing bullish bias (dark blue squeeze oscillator).

About - Squeeze Rotation tool study

Squeeze Rotation settings

Squeeze Rotation Signals settings

About - Trend Rotation tool study

Trend Rotation settings

About - Trend Rotation Signals tool study

Trend Rotation Signals settings

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