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About - Squeeze Rotation tool study
About - Squeeze Rotation tool study

Squeeze Signals Price Rotation multi-time frame indicator.

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Squeeze Rotation

Squeeze Rotation is all rotation time frame squeeze histograms on one study.

Includes a built-in paintbar study for corresponding candle colors.

This tool is especially useful to reveal when to target intraday price rotations. The goal behind the Rotation tool study group is to catch “snap back to the mean” moves that happen nearly every day

It is nearly impossible to manually track multiple intraday charts separately, Squeeze Rotation puts six Squeeze histograms on one chart, representing the Squeeze histogram in six different user defined time frames.

Works well for intraday trend reversals and will help focus on hitting monetary targets each day instead of sitting through multi day moves. Study is based on the idea of consistency over less frequent 'big winners'.

Squeeze Rotation helps provide:

  • An easy entry signal.

  • An easy exit signal, ie. clarity on when to get out.

    • Targets

    • Signals that the trade is no longer valid if target is not hit

    • Stops

  • Consistency and visually be able to tell if you are on the right side of a trade.

  • No need for overnight trades.

  • Being able to pinpoint intraday turns as precisely as possible.

  • Have ongoing confirmation that the trade is still valid.

  • Visual assurance the decision was correct.

  • Visual cues to tell you the trade is ending.

  • Good tool for beginners.

  • Quick hits. No loitering. “Make your money and get out”.

Squeeze Rotation oscillators

Each oscillator color coded the same as the squeeze's histogram representing rising of falling momentum (bias).

Light blue: rising bullish bias.

Dark blue: falling bullish bias.

Red: falling bearish bias.

Yellow: rising bearish bias.

Color Price

Color Price is not enabled by default. Colors of bars change as the histograms start to roll, for instance, the first green bar means one of the histograms is rolling over. When Color Price is enabled, the candle colors will represent the amount of Squeeze oscillator agreement. If less than four oscillators are in agreement the candles are painted grey. Otherwise, candle colors will be as follows.

Candle color for falling oscillators:

  • Dark red = 4 of 6 oscillators in agreement

  • Light red = 5 of 6 oscillators in agreement

  • Orange = 6 of 6 oscillators in agreement

Candle color for rising oscillators:

  • Dark green = 4 of 6 oscillators in agreement

  • Green = 5 of 6 oscillators in agreement

  • Light / Lime green = 6 of 6 oscillators in agreement

Note that for the condition of rising or falling bias to be met, only the required number of oscillators need to be rising or falling together.

For instance, a combination of light blue and yellow oscillators may print green candles, while a combination of dark blue and red oscillators may print red and yellow candles.

Squeeze Rotation settings

About - Squeeze Rotation Signal tool study

Squeeze Rotation Signals settings

About - Trend Rotation tool study

Trend Rotation settings

About - Trend Rotation Signals tool study

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