Squeeze Rotation Settings

Squeeze Rotation

The Squeeze Rotation tool consists of color coded oscillators representing the state of the Squeeze histograms in six user defined time frames.

Squeeze Rotation inputs

Settings inputs include color price (paintbar / candle) coloring, zero line filter, Squeeze color setting, and six user defined time periods.

Color Price:

When set to Yes changes the chart's candle colors. Each color reflects a number of aligned Squeeze Rotation Oscillators. Default is set to No.

Zero line filter

When set to Yes, filters candles based on Squeeze histogram agreement AND the relation to the zero line. Color candles print only if bullish agreement is above the zero line, or bearish agreement is below the zero line.

When set to No, candle colors print when there is bullish or bearish oscillator agreement regardless if above or below the zero line. Default is set to No.

Use Squeeze colors

Set to Yes by default

When set to Yes, oscillators will follow corresponding colors of the Squeeze histogram. When set to No, oscillators will each have individual solid colors.

Periods 1 - 6

User defined time frames may be selected from any TOS pre-defined time frame from the corresponding drop-down menus.

Squeeze Rotation Plots

Plot h1 - h6 and zero tabs contain adjustments for the oscillator appearances.

Squeeze Rotation Globals

Click the > greater than reveal arrow next to Globals to show the color swatches that affect the use Squeeze colors setting.

Clicking on any color swatch reveals that swatch's color picker.

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