Set Up Your Online Ordering Menu

Learn how to set pricing and inventory for your online menu.

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Step 1 - Create an Online Ordering Menu

Click the [Menu] tab from the sidebar, then click [Create New Menu]. Select the [Online Ordering Menu] option from the popup.

Give your online menu a name, then click [Ok].

Make sure the [Online Ordering] switch is turned on.

Step 2 - Add Menu Sections

Click the [Create a Section] button.

  • Enter a section title

  • An optional note for the section

  • You can also upload an image for the section

Click [done] to save your changes. Note: We recommend adding all the sections of the menu before adding the menu items.

You can re-arrange the menu sections by dragging the sections from the right-hand side of the page; or by clicking the up and down arrows on the section itself.

Step 3 - Add Menu Items

Select a section to work on, then click [+ Item] to start adding menu items. Optionally, you can add [Sub-section] within a section (eg. seasonal items)

Enter the item name, description, and upload an image

Step 4 - Add Item Price & Tax

Select a single or multi-price option. Select the “Multi" price option if the item has multiple prices (eg. small or large portions)

Single Price Point

Multiple Price Point

Switch on "Tax" and select a tax option (if applicable), click here to learn how to setup tax options for your online store.

*To mark a menu item as sold out, click the 3-dotted icon on the menu item, and select "Mark Sold out"

Step 5 - Limit Item Inventory (optional)

Checking off the [Limit inventory] checkbox, then enter the quantity. When a successful purchase happens, the value of the quantity automatically decreases and will be displayed on the quantity field. When the quantity reaches zero, the customer will be notified that the item is not available. To increase the quantity, simply enter a value on the quantity field.

You can also limit your daily inventory. This allows you to control your inventory for each day of the week. Check off the [Limit daily inventory] box to enable it.

Step 6 - Select Dietary Details (optional)

Click [Dietary Details] then check off applicable restrictions.

Step 7 - Activate Your Online Store

Make sure you've set up your online store, click the button below to set it up now.

Switch ON the menu's visibility

The menu name should be displayed on the top navigation of your website

Step 8 - That's it!

Click the menu name on your website. It should automatically display a pop-up for you to select a pickup or delivery date and time.

To do a test purchase, check out this article on How to Do a Test Purchase Using a Discount Code.

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