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Reservation Management for Sociavore's Built-in Reservation Feature
Reservation Management for Sociavore's Built-in Reservation Feature

How to view all confirmed and outstanding reservation requests, cancel or confirm reservations.

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View Confirmed Reservations

Click the "Reservations" Tab from the side menu, then click "Book." Click the dropdown arrow to select a period or date range of all confirmed reservations.

Make sure the Reservation feature is switched ON and activated to start receiving reservation requests. 

How to Cancel a Reservation

Click the guest's reservation record to open the reservation request. Click the "Details" tab, then click "Cancel reservation with a message"

How to Send a Message to a Guest

Click the "Interactions & Message" tab to view a timeline of all interactions with the guest. Enter a message on the chat box to send an email to the guest. 

Update the Guests' Contact Info & Profile

Click the "Guest Profile" tab, then click "Edit guest" to open the guest's record. Here, you can update the type or status of the guest, contact information, and add notes about the guest.

View Outstanding Requests

Click "Outstanding Requests" from the right hand panel, then click the guest's reservation request. Click "Details" then select an option to...

  • Reject the reservation

  • Confirm the reservation

  • Suggest another time

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