Menu Preview (Honey Theme)

Display a preview of a menu on any page in your website

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Step 1 - Add the "Menu Preview" section block to the page

On the page you're working on, click "Add section" then add "Menu Preview"

Step 2 - Add a Background Image & an Inline Image

  • Upload a background image or check off the box to remove the background

  • Adjust the background image transparency. Increasing the transparency will make the image darker

  • Upload an (inline) image beside the menu

Step 3 - Select a Menu List

If you haven't created any menus yet, click the "Menu" tab on the side bar to start adding your menus. 

Once your menus has been added, it will appear as a dropdown option. Select the menu that you want to add on the page. 

Step 4 - Select a Layout

You can have the inline image displayed on either the left or right side of the menu

Step 5 - Add a Header & a Text Description

  • Add a header title on top of the section

  • Add a text description about the content of the section

Step 6 - Add a Button (optional)

  • Type in the button label (keep it blank to hide the button)

  • Enter the URL of the page you want people to see when the button is clicked

Step 7 - Don't forget to save your work!

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