How to Add Products to Your Online Store

Learn how to add pricing details, apply a category, limit inventory, descriptions, images, and fulfillment details to your products

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To start adding products to your store, click the "Store" tab on the left side menu, then hover your mouse over the [store] icon, then select [products]

Make sure you've completed setting up your store.

Step 1 - Add a Product Category

Click the "Categories" Tab, then click the "New Category" button.

Enter the name of the category and category description. 

Re-arrange how the categories are displayed on the website's Shop Page by dragging the categories in the desired order. 

Step 2 - Add a Product

Click the "Products" tab, then click "Add your first product" 

Enter the required product details:

  • Title or name of product

  • Description of the product

  • Product category

  • Product image

You can toggle the switch to ON or OFF when the product is in stock or not

Step 3 - Enter the Product Price

  • Enter a single price or multiple prices

  • Select applicable taxes

Set a Product Inventory Limit

Optionally, you can set a limit to a product's inventory. Select the [limit product inventory] checkbox, then enter the quantity. 

  • When a customer makes a purchase, the value of the quantity is automatically updated. 

  • When the value reaches "0" the product page will display the product as "Out of Stock" 

  • Simply update the quantity to increase the limit

Step 4 - Enter the Fulfillment Details

Select a fulfillment option. You can have the order picked up from your restaurant or have it shipped to the customer, or both.

When shipping to the customer, select the covered location/s and add the necessary shipping fees.

Step 5 - Setup Pickup Schedules (COMING SOON)

Step 6 - Don't forget to save the product

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