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How to Set Inventory Limits on a Store Product
How to Set Inventory Limits on a Store Product
Updated over a week ago

Make sure you've already added products to your store. If you haven't yet, click here to Learn How to Add Products to Your Online Store

Step 1 - Select the Product 

  1. Click the "Store" tab on the left side menu, then hover your mouse over the [store] icon, then select [products]. 

  2. Click on the product's [edit] icon

Step 2: Set a Product Inventory Limit

  1. Scroll over to the Price & Variants section and check the [Limit product inventory] checkbox.

  2. Enter a value for the quantity

  • When a customer makes a purchase, the value of the quantity is automatically updated. 

  • When the value reaches "0" the product page will display the product as "Out of Stock" 

  • Simply update the quantity to increase the limit

Step 3 - Don't forget to save!

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