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Store Dashboard

Learn how to set up and manage your online store through the Store Dashboard.

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The Store Dashboard is where you are able to make your store available online, view your orders, and set up payments, taxes, discount codes, custom fees, free shipping, and more.
When you go to the Store Dashboard, you can access the following sub-dashboards:

  • Ecommerce Settings Dashboard

  • Gift Cards Dashboard

  • Products Dashboard

  • Orders Dashboard

Ecommerce Settings Dashboard

This applies to the website's ability to allow people to make purchases on the website for the following:

  • Online ordering menu items

  • Products from the online store

  • Ticketed events

  • Digital & physical gift cards

It's important to note that if the store is not activated, people cannot add items to their cart; or buy a menu item, a store product, a ticketed event, or a gift card.

Here, you will be able to:

Products Dashboard

The Products Dashboard is where you can manage and add products to your online store:

Gift Cards Dashboard

The Gift Cards Dashboard is where you can set up and manage gift cards:

Orders Dashboard

The Orders Dashboard is where you can view, track, manage, and process food orders, ticket purchases, and gift card purchases.

Here, you can:

  • Search and view the orders

  • Review the orders

  • Process the orders

  • Fulfill orders for store pickup

  • Update Fulfillment Status in Bulk

  • Generate reports (unfulfilled orders per item, daily report, tally report, etc)

Here is an article on how to view, manage and process orders.

Take note that tickets and digital gift cards are fulfilled automatically. Only orders for delivery and pickup are processed manually through this dashboard.

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