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How to Create Discount Codes

Learn how to create discount codes and modify their usage limits.

Updated over a week ago

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create promo codes.

Step 1 - Scroll down and click "Store". In the "Store" Menu, hover your mouse or tap the icon at the bottom. Then, select "Ecommerce Settings."

Step 2 - In the "Ecommerce Settings" menu, click "Discount Codes" and then "Create New Discount Codes."

  • Switch it to "Active" to enable the code.

  • Input your discount code.

  • Choose a discount code type, either percentage or fixed amount, then enter a discount value.

  • Set "Usage Limits" for both total use and customer use. If left unchecked, the code will be unlimited.

  • Once you have modified it to your preferences, click "Save Discount Code."

  • To modify an existing discount code, click the edit button under the "Actions" column of the corresponding code.

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