How to Run a Test Purchase

Learn how to create a 100% discount coupon that you can use to test buying products, tickets, and online ordering menu items.

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When making a test purchase using a credit card, take note that the transaction may fail if the amount exceeds a certain percentage of the overall transaction that includes any auto-deducted fees such as: DoorDash Drive, DoorDash Tips, and App Fees. When the transaction fails, you will see a notification like the one below.

To avoid these issues, we recommend using a 100% discount coupon that you can create in your Sociavore account. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Go to the E-Commerce Settings Dashboard.

Step 2 - Go to the Discounts Codes Tab and Create a New Discount Code.

Step 3 - Create a 100% Discount Code.

  1. Enter a discount code name, eg. "TESTXXX"

  2. Click the "Percentage" option, and enter 100%

  3. Switch it to "Active" to enable the code

  4. Click "Save Discount Code".

Optional: Set "Usage Limits." If left unchecked, the code will be unlimited.

Quick Tip: Disable the code immediately after testing.

Step 4 - Make a Purchase and Test it out.

  1. Make a purchase

  2. On the checkout page, click "Enter Promo Code"

  3. Enter the discount code you created

  4. Click "Pay Now"

Read this article for more information about Discount Codes

Step 5 - Check Reports to see if Test Purchase was Successful.

If a purchase is successful, you can view the transaction details in any of the following:

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