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How to Enable the Multi Menu Slider to Display Multiple Menus on a Page
How to Enable the Multi Menu Slider to Display Multiple Menus on a Page

Learn how to use the multi-menu slider to display and offer multiple menus or different food concepts on your website.

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By default, menus are displayed on your website's navigation menu through a dropdown button. By enabling the multi-menu slider, you can also display multiple menus on the same page so your customers can toggle from one menu to another without having to access the dropdown button from the main navigation bar.

Additionally, you can create different menus under different brands or offer different food concepts to your customers. Below are some examples:

Step 1 - Make Sure an Overlapping time in the Pickup & Delivery Schedules Exists Between Menus

For example, the overlapping time between these 2 menus is between 9am-11am:

  • Menu A (Main Course) - pickup & delivery schedule is set to 9am-5pm daily

  • Menu B (Breakfast) - pickup & delivery schedule is set to 6am-11am daily

If the customer orders an item from Menu A, and another item from Menu B, they can successfully checkout if the pickup time or delivery time they select are compatible with each other or within the overlapping time. Click here to learn How to Setup Online Ordering Schedules

Step 2 - Enable the Menus Slider

Go to the Website Dashboard and click the [edit] icon of the menu page you want to customize.

Click the [menu] block from the sidebar settings.

  • Check the box to display the menus slider on top of the page

  • Select [Menu sections] for the Menu Navbar Type

Optionally, if you don't want to show the Menu Slider, just check off the box to hide it, and select [All Menus] as the Menu Navbar Type.

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