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How to Receive Guest Feedback
How to Receive Guest Feedback

Learn how to add a feedback from to get your customers to leave feedback

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Step 1 - Add the "Contact Details" section block to the page

On the page you're working on, click "Add section" then add "Contact Details"

Step 2 - Add the Address Block

By default some contact elements may be already installed in the theme you're using. Click "Add Block" to add the Address element to the section.

Step 3 - Enable Feedback Button

Enabling the feedback button allows your customers to rate your restaurant and leave a message with their contact information. When feedback is submitted, you can view them in your Guestbox

You Can Link Back Directly to the Feedback Form

Every website can directly link to the feedback form by adding the URL path /feedback.

i.e. if your domain is, you can direct your customers to

You Can Redirect People Who Fill Out the Feedback From to Another Page After Submission

Go to the Website Dashboard, click on "Forms," then click the [edit] icon on the Feedback Form

Enter the URL of the page you want people to see after they submit the form. You can also add team members to be notified by email when new feedback is submitted

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