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How Do I Reply to a Guest in Guestbox?
How Do I Reply to a Guest in Guestbox?
Communicate with guests in real-time via website or email.
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There are number of ways to connect with your guests through the Guestbox:

  • Built-In Chat - when people visit your website, they can communicate with your team through a chat bubble that appears on every page in your website. 

  • Online Reservations - when Reservations is enabled, guests can send reservation requests from your website. 

  • Custom Forms - you can create and add a custom form into any page in your website to collect information about guests (eg. feedback, general inquiries, catering quote requests, etc.)

Guestbox Notifications

All guest communications sent through the above mentioned channels are automatically posted on the Guestbox. To send a message, simply type in your message on the chat box.

View Guest Timelines & History

You can view a timeline of all your restaurant's interactions with a guest.

View & Update Guest Profiles

You can update information about a guest such as adding a special status tag, updating the contact information, adding notes such as dietary restrictions, and/or other special considerations.

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