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How to Set Driver Email Notification with Delivery Details
How to Set Driver Email Notification with Delivery Details

Learn how to automatically send an email with delivery details to the designated driver every time a customer checks out.

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Step 1 - Select a Delivery Schedule.

  1. Go to the Menus Dashboard, then select "Delivery Schedules"

  2. Select a delivery schedule.

*If you haven’t created any delivery schedules yet, refer to this article.

Step 2 - Select a Delivery Zone.

Select the delivery zone where you'd like to set up driver email notifications.

Step 3 - Select "We'll use our own in-house drivers"

Note: Driver email notification is only applicable if you use your in-house drivers to manage deliveries.

Step 4 - Select “Send an email automatically with delivery details.”

  • Type the email address where you want the delivery notifications to be sent.

  • If you have multiple delivery zones, you can set a specific email address for each one.

Step 4 - Select “Add driver pickup instructions.”

  • You can type specific instructions such as the nearest landmark or where to go.

  • Don’t forget to save the changes you made.

Step 5 - Check the box if you don't want to allow specific time selection.

Upon checkout, a message like this will be sent to the email address you set:

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