Step 1 - Select a Delivery Schedule.

  1. Go to the Menus Dashboard, then select "Delivery Schedules"

  2. Select a delivery schedule.

*If you haven’t created any delivery schedules yet, refer to this article.

Step 2 - Select a Delivery Zone.

Select the delivery zone where you'd like to set up driver email notifications.

Step 3 - Select "We'll use our own in-house drivers"

Note: Driver email notification is only applicable if you use your in-house drivers to manage deliveries.

Step 4 - Select “Send an email automatically with delivery details.”

  • Type the email address where you want the delivery notifications to be sent.

  • If you have multiple delivery zones, you can set a specific email address for each one.

Step 4 - Select “Add driver pickup instructions.”

  • You can type specific instructions such as the nearest landmark or where to go.

  • Don’t forget to save the changes you made.

Step 5 - Check the box if you don't want to allow specific time selection.

Upon checkout, a message like this will be sent to the email address you set:

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