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Delivery Zones & Schedules for Online Ordering Menus
Delivery Zones & Schedules for Online Ordering Menus

Learn how to select delivery zones for specific areas and specific delivery schedules for your online ordering menu

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You can set a specific "zone" by selecting an area on Google Maps where you allow deliveries. You can assign a delivery schedule specific to that zone. Further more, you can create multiple zones, and apply different delivery schedules to each zone.

Step 1 - Create a Delivery Zone

  1. Go to the Menus Dashboard, then select "Delivery Schedules"

  2. Click the "Create a Delivery Zone" button

  3. Enter a delivery schedule name

  4. Enter how many days you will be accepting orders

Step 2 - Select a Delivery Coverage

  1. Click "Add Zone"

  2. Enter a zone name

  3. Select the "circle" or "shape" option to capture the area on Google Maps

Step 3 - Select Available Delivery Days

There are 2 options you can choose from:

  • Use location operating hours

  • Weekly delivery hours

Option 1: Use location operating hours

You can use the operating hours you've set from the account settings, click here for the tutorial.

Option 2: Weekly delivery hours

You can set a weekly recurring delivery schedule. Only days you select will be displayed as options when customers place an order from the website.

Step 4 - Select a Cut-Off Time to Place an Order

You can set the cut-off time to be the same day or up to 3 days lead time:

  • Same day (current day)

  • Day before

  • 2 days before

  • 3 days before

For example, if "Same day by 1 pm" is set as a cut-off time, if your available delivery schedule is set to say, "weekly, every Thursday," then the customer can place the order anytime from today until Thursday before 1 pm.

Let's do another example: "a Day before by 1 pm." If your available delivery schedule is set to "weekly, every Thursday," then the customer needs to place the order on or before Wednesday before 1 pm.

Step 5 - Select How You Will Manage Deliveries

You can choose from 2 options for delivery:

Option 1: Use In-house drivers

If you choose this option, follow the next steps:

  • Add minimum amount.

  • Add delivery fee.

  • Check the box if you want to offer free delivery above the minimum amount.

  • Add delivery lead time-- Select how much time you need to prepare an order.

Option 2: DoorDash Drive driver network

Step 6 - Enable Delivery on the Online Ordering Menu

On the Menus Dashboard, open the menu you want to enable delivery, then select the delivery schedule from the dropdown options. Make sure online ordering is switched ON.

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