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Google Food Ordering (Order with Google) FAQs
Google Food Ordering (Order with Google) FAQs

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How do I enable Google Food Ordering/Order with Google?

Great question - read our article, "Getting Started with Google Food Ordering" to get rolling.

What is Google Food Ordering/Order with Google and how does it work?

Google Food Ordering is our delivery and pickup app built into Google Search and Maps, making it easier than ever for customers to place orders because they never have to leave their current screen. Instead of bouncing from one place to another, we’ve integrated Search, Maps, and Assistant, making it a seamless experience for you and enabling your guests to make purchases via Google Pay on their phones or desktops.

Is there a fee to have Sociavore create and maintain my storefront on Google Food Ordering/Order with Google?

No. There’s no additional charge at all. Creation and maintenance is included in your Sociavore monthly fee. We partnered with the world's most popular search and maps platform to build integrations that help improve Google Food Ordering and accurately fulfill orders.

How much commission do you charge per order?

All orders placed through Google continue to be commission-free. Unlike third-party marketplace providers, there is 0% commission charged to the restaurant.

How can I remove other third-party delivery providers from my Google My Business listing who take commission?

You can manage the services provided in the ‘Opt Out of Online Orders on Google’ section of your Google My Business Help, which can be found here.

How does payment work with Sociavore + Google Food Ordering/Order with Google?

Customers can pay using their Google Pay account, so you don’t lose them at the “enter credit card” step—typically a huge e-commerce drop-off in conversion. Also, just like with all of your Sociavore orders, you never pay a commission. You are required to have a Square account as your payment gateway.

What are the benefits of using Sociavore + Google Food Ordering/Order with Google for pickup & delivery?

You get access to the thousands of local customers in your area searching Google for food! Compared to just forwarding Google guests onto your website, Sociavore + Google Food Ordering keeps them in one screen, reducing the steps a customer has to take to make their purchase. Reduced steps lead to higher conversions. We’ve integrated menu syncing, your operating hours, as well as your lead time and order pacing with Google.

How often is my menu updated in Google Food Ordering/Order with Google?

New menu items will appear on the Google Food Ordering menu within 1 hour. Updates to existing menu items, like price or availability, will appear on Google within five minutes.

How does quick reorder work with Sociavore + Google Food Ordering/Order with Google?

Orders placed in the Sociavore + Google Food Ordering experience are available for quick reorder. This makes it even more convenient for customers to order. Also, quick reorders can be launched using the Google Assistant.

Does my current delivery setup or DoorDash Drive work with Google Food Ordering/Order with Google?

Yes, everything stays the same. The only limitation is Google Food Ordering only supports a single delivery zone. We will prompt you to choose the preferred delivery zone when you set up Google Food Ordering.

What does guest communication look like in Google Food Ordering/Order with Google?

Guests will receive the existing Sociavore automatic email notification + SMS text when their order is submitted or ready.

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