What is Google Food Ordering?

Google Food Ordering is our delivery and pickup app built into Google Search and Maps, making it easier than ever for customers to place orders because they never have to leave their current screen. Instead of bouncing from one place to another, we’ve integrated Search, Maps, and Assistant, making it a seamless experience for you and enabling your guests to make purchases via Google Pay on their phones or desktops.

Follow the Steps Below to Integrate Google Food Ordering with your Sociavore Website

  1. Go to “Store” dashboard.

  2. Click the store icon.

  3. Select “Channels.”

  4. Click "Google Food Ordering" tab.

5. Connect your Google Business Profile.

You need to have a Google Business Profile to proceed with this step. If you don't have one yet, click here to create one.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that information on your Google Business Profile and Sociavore Account match. Make sure that spellings match as well (e.g. Café vs. Cafe).

If you already have a Google Business Profile, click [edit]. You will then be redirected to the Integrations page.

On the list of integrations, scroll down to Google Business Profile and click [Add]. You'll be asked to sign in to your Google Business Profile.

6. Match address.

Go back to the Google Food Ordering tab, then in "Step 2" below, ensure that the status is "Match."

If the status is "does not match," click [edit] and you'll be redirected to your Sociavore Location settings to update the address.

If you want to change the address on your Google Business Profile instead, click here.

7. Sync Menu.

Select a menu. A compatible menu has the following settings:

Visibility: on

Online ordering: on

Fulfillment: Pickup, delivery, or both (with at least one schedule with ASAP ordering cut-off)

Delivery Zone: Google only supports a single delivery zone. If your Delivery Schedule has multiple zones, you will need to select only one for Google Food Ordering.

You can edit settings for each menu on the Menus dashboard > Menus tab. If you haven't set up your online ordering menu yet or if you want to edit the settings, here is a tutorial.

You can edit pickup and delivery schedules on the Menus dashboard > Pickup/Delivery schedules tab. To set up or edit your pickup and delivery schedules, here is an article.

8. Click Connect.

When steps 1 to 3 are completed, click the "Connect" button.

How Can a Customer Order Using Google Food Ordering?

Mobile & Desktop Google App or Browser

When a customer searches for your restaurant on Desktop Google Browser, they will see an "Order" button. When clicked, he will be redirected to the order window.

Desktop Google Maps

When a customer searches for your restaurant on Google Maps, he will see an "Order" button. When clicked, he will be redirected to the order window.

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