Drop-off batch ordering enables you to create a batch delivery schedule that brings your food to specific drop-off locations at set times for maximum convenience for your guests and corporate clients. Some popular restaurant brands call this "Outpost Ordering."

Some use case examples:

  • For Corporate Offices - designate a pickup or delivery area inside a large office building, allowing employees to place customized orders without leaving the building.

  • For Residential Buildings - designate a pickup or delivery area within a residential building or residential complex, allowing residents to place customized orders without leaving their homes.

  • For Wholesale Ordering - provide a Drop-off ordering link to your customers to order their weekly delivery of specific menu items (eg. baked goods for bakeries, healthy meals plans)

By creating a "Drop-off Ordering Channel" you can customize the schedule, menu, and pickup/delivery option for every channel drop-off location.

A special URL is then generated for each channel created. When users access the drop-off channel URL link, they can navigate to the location and set a dropoff time and place an order.

Step 1 - Go to the Store Dashboard > Store icon > Channels, then click Create New Drop-off Channel.

Step 2 - Enter Channel Name

Step 3 - Enter Drop-off Channel Details

  • Add Drop-off Ordering Channel description

  • Add Drop-off Ordering URL Path

    e.g. stonewall - the channel link will be https://restaurantname.com/d/stonewall

  • Add Drop-off Ordering Channel logo (optional)

  • Add existing menus to the Drop-off - this is used for menu availability, order lead time, and ordering capacity. Note: You can only choose either Pickup or Delivery per menu. You cannot select both.

Step 4 - Create a Drop-off location

You can add multiple drop-off locations per drop-off channel. To set up each drop-off location click "Add Drop-off Location" and enter the following details:

  • Drop-off location name

  • Drop-off location address

  • Drop-off location schedule

Step 5 - Enable the Drop-off Channel

On the Channels tab, toggle on the status of the drop-off channel.

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