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Set up Pre-ordering for a Specific Date

Create a schedule to allow guests to pre-order off a menu for an upcoming holiday.

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In this article we'll go through the steps on setting up a pickup schedule for an online ordering menu, specifically for guests to order in advance and pickup on an upcoming specific calendar date.

Step 1 - Find Your Pickup Schedules

1.1 Navigate to Pickup Schedules

  • After logging in to Sociavore, navigate to the "Menus" page and select the "Pickup Schedules" tab.

1.2 Create a New Pickup Schedule

  • Click on the "Create New Pickup Schedule" button to make a new schedule to use for this specific day.

  • Add a name for clarity so you can find this schedule when you add it to an online ordering menu later.

pickup schedule tab

Step 2 - Configuring Pickup Schedule Settings

2.1 Specify Pickup Date(s)

  • Choose "Specific Calendar Dates" under the "What days are pickup available" dropdown.

  • Input your desired dates and times. Whichever dates and times you select here are the only dates and times guests will be able to receive their order on.

2.2 Set Cutoff Time for Order Placement

  • In the dropdown, select and input a cutoff time that guests must place orders by (e.g., 2 days in advance).

  • Input how far out in advance you will accept orders (e.g., 30 days).

2.3 Additional Options

  • Add a pickup note if needed. This information will be included in the order confirmation and pick up notification emails.

  • Toggle on/off curbside pickup based on your preferences.

2.4 Save Your Pickup Schedule

  • Click "Save" to confirm your settings.

pickup schedule settings

Step 3: Integrate the Pickup Schedule into a Menu

3.1 Navigate to Menus

  • Return to the Menus page and select the menu you would like to use for this pre-ordering campaign.

3.2 Choose a Pickup Schedule

  • In the menu editor, click the Pickup Schedule dropdown to view all your pickup schedules. Select the schedule that you created for pre-ordering.

  • Remember "Online ordering" must be toggled ON for customers to pre-order from this menu.

menu editor with pickup schedule highlighted

Guests can now choose a pickup time within the specified date and time range!

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