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Integrate your restaurant website with Klaviyo
Integrate your restaurant website with Klaviyo
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Does Sociavore integrate with Klaviyo?

Yes, Sociavore has a direct integration with Klaviyo.

How do I integrate Sociavore with Klaviyo?

Follow these simple steps to integrate Klaviyo into your Sociavore restaurant website:

  1. Access the Integrations Tab in Sociavore:

    1. Start by logging into your Sociavore account.

    2. Navigate to the Store Integrations tab on the dashboard by going to 'Store' > 'Ecommerce Settings' > 'Integrations'

  2. Locate and Select Klaviyo:

    1. Scroll through the available integrations until you find 'Klaviyo'.

    2. Click on 'Klaviyo' to start the integration process.

  3. Enter Your Klaviyo API Key:

    1. In the Klaviyo integration panel, you'll find a field asking for your Klaviyo Private API key.

    2. If you don’t have the API key on hand, you can find it in your Klaviyo account settings. Make sure you create a Private API key with 'Full Access' set for List, Profiles, Subscriptions, and Events.

    3. Once you have the API key, paste or type it into the designated field in Sociavore and click the 'Continue' button.

  4. Choose Your Email & SMS Subscriber Lists:

    1. Below the API key field, you'll see two more fields: 'Email subscriber list ID' and 'SMS subscriber list ID'.

    2. Sociavore will automatically detect your lists and a dropdown menu will appear with the names of your available Klaviyo lists.

      1. Click on the dropdown menu for the 'Email subscriber list'.

      2. Select the desired list from the dropdown.

      3. Repeat for the 'SMS subscriber list'.

  5. Save and Confirm:

    1. Once you've filled in all the necessary details, click the 'Save' button to finalize the integration.

    2. Congratulations! You’ve successfully integrated Klaviyo with Sociavore. Your email and SMS subscriber lists are now linked.

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