How To Create A Link In Bio Page For Social Media (Social Hub)

Create a single, customizable landing page containing multiple links to various social media profiles, websites, and Sociavore features.

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Step 1 - On the Website tab, click "Add Page" and select the "Social Hub Page"

Step 2 - Click "Social Hub"

On this page, you will see the Social Hub block, or you can add it to an existing page with "Add section". Click on "Social Hub" to customize the block.

Step 3 - Customize Section Settings

Adjust the available settings on the left to create your page. A preview will appear on the right. This page, like all Sociavore pages, will automatically format to fit both desktop and mobile screens.

Padding: Adjust the space between sections by choosing small, medium, or large top or bottom paddings.

Hide Website Interface: When enabled, this toggle will hide the rest of the website from view to use Social Hub as its own splash screen.

Background colour: Select a custom colour to change the background on this page only.

Background image: Upload an image to change the background on this page only.

Display logo: Display an image, usually a logo, at the top of the page. Logo image alt text can also be added for accessibility.

Show name: Enable to display the name of your business.

Show website URL: Enable to create text that links to your website's home page.

Step 4 - Manage blocks

There are many blocks, or pieces, that make up a Social Hub section. There are many blocks such as titles, buttons, social icons, and specialized actions such as reservations that work automatically with your existing Sociavore functions.

Tip: You can click and drag on the six dots beside a block to rearrange it.

There are many blocks that can be added all with their own purpose. Feel free to try out which ones work for you and customize them to fit your needs and aesthetic.

Button: Direct guests to another webpage.

Link: Like a button, but just text to direct a guest to another webpage.

Title: Big text to grab attention or can function as a header

Text: Secondary text.

Image: Decorate your Social Hub with images or convey more information.

Video: Supports Youtube or Vimeo videos.

Menus: This button displays all your public menus.

Ordering: This button presents guests with your options for online ordering.

Reservation: Tying in directly with your existing reservation settings, this button invites guests to book a reservation online.

Feedback: Prompt guests to fill in your built-in feedback form.

Form: Any form can also be displayed in-line right on the page, or redirected to, both with this block.

Directions: This button will display the business location on a map, the address, and operating hours.

Gift cards: If gift cards are enabled, this button takes guests to your gift cards page.

Divider: A horizontal divider to split up sections or use as decoration.

Step 5 - Share the Link

You can find the link on the website pages overview by clicking the link icon to copy it to your clipboard. You can edit the link by clicking the three dots and then the "Edit URL path" option.

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