How to Create a Pop-up

Create powerful pop-ups to drive guest action to items like ordering, reservations, events and SMS signups.

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Step 1 - Navigate to the PUBLISH tab

locate publish

Step 2 - Open the Pop-up Creator

Click the "Pop-up" tab to create a new pop-up, or, turn an existing post into a pop-up by clicking the three dots and selecting "Make it a pop-up".

Step 3 - Fill in and customize the Pop-up

With options on the left and a preview display on the right, go through the options on the left to make the pop-up appear, behave, and function however you like.

Pop-up Delay

Type in the number of seconds of delay you want before the pop-up appears on the page.

Pop-up Style

Choose where and how the pop-up appears on the page from one of the available styles.

Front and centre: The pop-up floats above the page content in the middle of the page.

Bottom and discreet: The pop-up appears on the bottom of the screen in a leaner format.

Flyout: The pop-up slides in from the bottom right corner.

Full Page: The pop-up covers the entire page until dismissed.

Image Style

After uploading an image, some styles have an image style option such as setting the image as the pop-up's background, or having the image appear on the top, bottom, left, or right of the pop-up.


Add text to appear as the largest text on the pop-up.


Add a description for supplementary text such as a paragraph to appear under the title.


Select a call to action. These functions work with your existing Sociavore features, connecting guests to other pages, prompts, and functions.

Event page: If you have set up any events, you can link directly to an upcoming event's page. There is also a prompt to create an event too if you have not already.

Feedback: Your website has a default Feedback form built in. Guests can be prompted to fill out the form to gather guest feedback. This form can be customized in the forms tab, under the Website tab.

Form: Similar to the above, you can alternatively select a custom form you have made to appear. On some styles, the full form can also be displayed in-line on the pop-up instead of being linked to.

Newsletter signup: Collect email addresses by prompting guests to join your mailing list.

SMS signup: Gather guest phone numbers to use in SMS promotions.

Online order: With online ordering enabled, this button will prompt guests to select an available ordering method such as pickup or delivery and can bring them to the corresponding online ordering menu.

Other Link: Insert a link of your own for a button that can redirect the guest anywhere.

Website page: Redirect guests to one of your existing website pages without needing to know the URL.

Reserve: With reservations enabled, you can prompt guests to make a reservation with whatever reservation service you have set up in your account settings.

Button Text

If a call-to-action is selected, a corresponding button may appear. Enter text to appear on the button.

Remember to hit SAVE, and toggle ACTIVE for it to go live on your site!

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