Overall, statuses help creative teams keep track of where their songs are in the A&R process of getting songs cut, which can be difficult to keep track of - especially with larger teams. Our Song Statuses & Project Management feature not only allows teams to organize this information in a centralized, realtime dashboard, but it also connects the status to the actual songs within your catalog (which contain lyrics, recordings, publishing data, etc).

There are two different scenarios that exist when adding a status to a song. Click the one that applies to you to view a more detailed walkthrough:

  1. If you sent the recipient a tracked Songspace pitch, you can associate a status to the song in the pitch.

  2. If the option above does not apply, you can add a status directly to the song.

List of statuses and what they mean:

  • Pass: The song was not a good fit for the recipient

  • Like: The recipient expressed interest in the song, but didn’t tell you to put it on Hold

  • Hold: The recipient is seriously considering the song and doesn’t want you to pitch it to anyone else while they get details confirmed

  • Confirmed/Cut: Whoop, congrats! The recipient has confirmed that they are going to record & release the song

  • Released: The song has been recorded and let out into the wonderful world

Anytime someone adds or changes a status on a song, that activity will automatically be documented in the Notes & files tab of the corresponding song project. You can also add Statuses as a column in your catalog so that you can view and edit statuses directly from your main catalog view.

All of the song statuses pertaining to your catalog are centralized in the Song Statuses dashboard. From here you can view, edit, sort, filter, and pull a report of your Projects.

Note: Only Creator and Business users have access to Song Statuses and Project MGMT. To learn more about upgrading, click here.

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