Importing and uploading recordings into your catalog is a pivotal workflow in Songspace. It allows you to quickly import your catalog in bulk from a hard drive, your computer, phone, Box, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and more. Within the importer you can edit, tag, and connect those recordings to existing song projects or releases - saving you tons of time.

We support these file types in the importer:

  • MP3

  • AIFF

  • WAV

By default, a song project will be created for each recording. Similarly, a release will automatically be created if the recording has an associated album in the metadata.

If a song project or a release already exists in Songspace for that recording, you can associate the new recording to the song project or release without creating a new song project or release. This step can be taken in the importer to assure your workflow is seamless.

The most important features to know about the Recording Importer:

  1. How to Import Recordings

  2. How to Edit Recording Metadata in the Recording Importer

  3. How to Choose Where Recordings Go in the Recording Importer

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