How to Import a New Recording

1. Click the orange + button in your catalog.

2. Click Add recordingsā€¦

3. Select the source you'd like to upload recordings from - your options are your Computer, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Box.

4. Find and select the recording(s).

  • If you are uploading recordings from your computer, either click the upload arrow or drag & drop the recordings directly into the Add recordings modal.

  • If you are uploading recordings from your Catalog, Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube, simply type your search terms into the search bar that appears after selecting the source.

  • If you are uploading recordings from Box, click "Browse Box Files" to log into your Box account (if you haven't already) and select the files in the modal that pops up.

5. Once the recording(s) finishes processing, click Continue.

6. Now you can edit the metadata for the recording(s)! To learn more, click here.

7. Once you're done editing the metadata in the importer, click Add Recordings to finish the upload process and officially upload the recordings and the data to your catalog.

8. If you'd like to continue editing, you can also click Edit Imported Recordings to edit those recordings further or Edit Linked Songs to bulk edit the songs created out of those recordings. You can also click Add More to upload more recordings if you'd like.

Note: you can also drag & drop recordings from your computer directly onto the screen to begin uploading.

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