Supported metadata

We have expanded the metadata that we support on initial upload and have made it easier for you to see that metadata before you add it to Songspace. This includes:

  • Title

  • Genres

  • Tags

  • Main Artist

  • Feat. Artist

  • Rec. Type

  • Release Title

  • Total Tracks

  • Sequence #

  • Rel. Date

  • Rel. Year

  • Rel. Record Label

  • UPC

  • ISRC

Note: if you want to associate the recording(s) to a Release in your catalog (whether it's a new Release or an existing one), make sure you add a Release Title in the metadata.

Inline Editing (one by one)

If you prefer to edit the recordings in the importer one by one, you now can! Click the pencil next to the metadata field and edit. See how:

Bulk Editing (many)

You can also edit metadata in bulk in the importer! To do this, select the recordings you want to edit and click the "Edit common fields" button above the list.

Copy tags & genres to songs and releases

You can also opt to apply the same tags & genres that you are adding to the recordings to the songs and releases they are associated to as well. To do that, click the checkbox next to Songs, Releases, or both:

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