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Classic Rifle Adapter - Product Guide
Classic Rifle Adapter - Product Guide
Written by Rob Gipson
Updated over a week ago

1. In the kit

The kit comes with everything you need to install the bipod onto rifles with conventional removeable sling studs.

  • Classic Rifle Adapter

  • 6 x Ferritic Steel Screws

    • 10 Gauge x 1" Wood Screw

    • 10/32 x 1/2" Engineering Screw

    • 10/32 x 5/8" Engineering Screw

    • 10/32 x 3/4” Engineering Screw

    • 10/32 x 1" Engineering Screw

    • M5 x Engineering Screw

  • 3 x Synthetic Mounting Plates

  • 3mm Hex/Allen Key

2. Installation

In the normal case of events, installation is achieved by unscrewing the existing sling swivel stud and refitting the Classic Rifle Adapter in its place. Select the most suitable profile of synthetic plate, the correct size & length of the screw and finally use the 3mm hex key to tighten the adapter onto the rifle stock.

Check that your sling stud is not bonded in place! Manufacturers & dealers will be able to advise you if you have any doubts about your specific rifle.

The images below run through the process in sequence:

If this option isn't working for you we have an article that looks at other options for fitting the Classic Rifle Adapter.

The majority of hunting rifle stocks we encounter have this size of the screw of the wood screw option which we also supply with the adapter.

For the ease of identification the screws are coloured as follows:

  • All of the 10/32" UNF screws that will fit the majority of U.S manufactured rifles have a black oxide finish.

  • All of the Metric screws & the 10 gauge wood screw have a natural silver finish.

Occasionally we encounter rifles using a 10/24"UNC fitting. Let us know if you are having difficulty with the size of screw needed. The diameter of these screws is similar to the 10/32" screw, but the coarser pitch thread won't screw into the UNF female fitting.

The adapters are supplied with three synthetic mounting plates, each produced with a different profile to match various rifle stocks (flat, curved, and highly curved). The top face of each synthetic plate is flat to ensure a neat fit with the base of the adapter and provide a firm foundation.

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