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Javelin Lite Bipod - Product Guide
Javelin Lite Bipod - Product Guide
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In the box

The bipod kit comes with everything you need to install the bipod onto rifles with conventional sling studs.

  • Javelin Lite Bipod

  • Classic Rifle Adapter

  • 6 x Ferritic Steel Screws

  • 3 x Synthetic Mounting Plates

  • 3mm Hex/Allen Key


In the normal case of events, installation is achieved by unscrewing the existing sling swivel stud and refitting the Classic Rifle Adapter in its place. Select the most suitable profile of synthetic plate, the correct size & length of the screw and finally use the 3mm hex key to tighten the adapter onto the rifle stock.

Check that your sling stud is not bonded in place! Manufacturers & dealers will be able to advise you if you have any doubts about your specific rifle.

If this option isn't working for you, we have an article that looks at other options for fitting the Classic Rifle Adapter.

Alternatively, you can check our full range of adapters, including options for Picatinny, M-Lok & Key Mod rails.

Operating Instructions

Attaching and removing the bipod

To attach the bipod to the rifle, locate the bipod's spigot into the slot on the adapter. The magnet will ease this process and retain the bipod in the adapter. To remove the bipod from the rifle, firmly pull the bipod downwards from the adapter.

Inserting the bipod in the adapter with the lever facing away from you will allow you to pan the rifle 30° left and right, meaning you can track moving targets. Inserting the bipod into the adapter with the locking lever facing towards you will lock the pan movement.

Cant & Locking Lever

Rotating the cant lever clockwise will allow you to lock the cant angle at the desired position. If you would like to change the position of the lever to adjust the lock position or for fine-tuning, pull the lever outwards and rotate it to the desired position.


Each bipod is fitted with a tungsten carbide tip and tethered synthetic boot. Gently pull off the synthetic boot to expose the tungsten tip.

Changing Legs

The legs from the Javelin Lite Bipod can be unscrewed by rotating them anti-clockwise and replaced with any compatible leg.

Our Pro legs, with a ground clearance of 19.5" to 42" are perfect for predator hunters and seated shooting scenarios that require additional height and adaptability.

Compatible Accessories

RedKettle Lite Javelin Holster

It keeps your Javelin bipod on your belt, within reach, ready for action. The bipod sits securely in the webbing loop, and we've added an elastic bungee to keep it from bouncing around.

Pro Legs 19" - 42"

Tac Legs

Spring-assisted Tac legs can be height adjusted with one hand to achieve a level platform on the most uneven of surfaces.

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