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Can I fit Spartan products to a Weihrauch HW100 rifle?
Can I fit Spartan products to a Weihrauch HW100 rifle?
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It is possible to use our Javelin bipods, Sentinel and Ascent tripods as well as our Davros heads, with your HW100 rifle. There are a couple of fitting options for you to consider which are specific to the HW100.

Option 1.

The stock of the HW100 is surprisingly thin at this mounting point, and care needs to be taken not to put too much pressure or leverage on it or there is a risk of cracking it.

We have been told that Weihrauch does not recommend the installation of bipod studs to replace the existing stock bolt, although clearly many do.

Our existing Classic Rifle Adapter adapters use a 5mm metric screw, (directly into the female thread/nut within the rifle stock) It is possible to fit the Classic Rifle Adapter directly the HW100 rifle stock in a couple of ways.

It can be attached directly to the front of the stock mounting point. This is located on the underside of the air cylinder, part of the barrel band, using the front mounting bolt hole for the rifle stock.


The mounting bolts for the HW100 are metric, so a suitable 6mm countersunk screw needs to be obtained as a replacement for the standard 5mm screw.

Please contact us if you require a 6x 25 or 30mm screw for this adapter fitting.

(HW100 rifles with the laminate stocks may require a shorter 6x20mm screw )

The hole in the base of the adapter needs to be enlarged with a 6mm drill bit.


The existing hole for the stock bolt is rebated into the stock, and the wood is quite thin.

โ€‹ โ€‹

โ€‹It may be possible to 'bolster' & support this section of the stock by fabricating a small bushing to fill the recessed hole that would normally accept the bolt head of the standard stock bolt. As standard, the rifle will normally have a thick washer under the original fitting screw.



The 6mm screw & simply fits through the adapter & rubber plate and bolted to the stock in the normal way.


Insert into your stock, specifically to accept a screw for the Classic Rifle Adapter in the normal way.


Option 2.

Another option would be to fit a suitable Stock Insert into the rifle stock to provide a structurally sound mounting point. We would suggest that this is located at a position where the wood material of the stock is thickest.



A small hole is drilled into the rifle stock just large enough to accept the Stud Insert, which is then boded in place to using a good quality epoxy resin.


The standard 5mm screw can then be used in the adapter in the normal way.

The same considerations for bolstering the mounting point for the Stock Insert apply as for the previous fitting option.



Option 3.

The last option is to install one of our Classic Gunsmith Adapters. The same general considerations for a successful installation apply to the HW100 stock as any other Gunsmith Adapter installation. All measurements must be taken accurately.

Click the button below for a full installation guide.

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