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Heavy Optics Adapter - Product Guide
Heavy Optics Adapter - Product Guide
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1. In the kit

Included with your Heavy Duty Optics Adapter are the following;

  • Heavy Duty Optics Adapter with ferritic stainless 1/4"-20 UNC screw

  • Synthetic Mounting Plate

  • Steel thread bush

  • Carbon Control Arm

2. Installation

The optic screw has a 1/4"-20 UNC thread which allows the adapter to be screwed directly onto the spotting scope or camera. Sometimes, manufacturers use a slightly larger 3/8' -16 UNC thread. In this case, we supply a steel bush that threads into the spotting scope or camera, to reduce the female thread size.

A small grub screw is located at the base of the adapter. This can be tightened to prevent the adapter from spinning.

3. Operating Instructions


Locate the spigot into the slot on the adapter, the magnet will ease this process. Once the magnet engages, close the security lever to secure the optic to the spigot.

Security Lever Adjustment

You may wish to tighten the adapter to prevent it from spinning on the spigot. Using a 3mm Allen Key the adapter can be adjusted to your personal preference.

Carbon Control Arm

The Carbon Control Arm is used to give you more control of your device and makes panning and tilting smoother. It can be installed in two different locations on the adapter.

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