1. Installation

The base of the Davros body has a 3/8' -16 UNC female thread that allows the body to be screwed directly onto the male thread of the tripod mount, or any other compatible device.

Sometimes manufacturers use a slightly smaller 1/4"-20 UNC thread. In this case, we supply a small steel bush that threads into the Davros to reduce the female thread size. These are the two most common sizes of thread that are used internationally in the camera and optics world.

2. Operating Instructions

Attaching your rifle

In order to attach your rifle to the Davros head, you will need one of our Classic Adapters mounted to your rifle.

To attach your rifle to the Davros, place the adapter on top of the spigot and gently push down. The magnet will ease this process. To remove the rifle from the Davros, firmly pull the rifle upwards from the spigot. It can help to push up from the underside of the stock with your thumb.

Attaching your optics

Our range of optics adapters will allow you to mount spotting scopes, binoculars, cameras & other devices with standard photographic 1/4-20 UNC or 3/8-16 UNC threads to your Davros head.

Friction Control

The friction control ring allows you to set the friction of the ball joint. This is down to personal preference of where you find the most stability, although heavier rifles or optics may require a higher level of friction to ensure stable and smooth control.

Depending on the weight of the rifle and the positioning of the adapter, it might be possible to leave the rifle in position whilst you wait.

Removing the Davros

A large screw has been added at the base of the Davros, a decision made based on the feedback of our Spartan customers. Some found the Davros difficult to remove from their chosen support to then move it onto another, due to the smooth round profile of the body.

The screw is nested in the base, but if you are having difficulty gaining enough purchase you can unscrew the shouldered screw from one side and screw it into the opposite side to provide you with grip and leverage. Once finished, the screw can be refitted in its original position.

3. Compatible Accessories

Classic Adapters

In order to attach your rifle to the Davros head, you will need one of our Classic Adapters mounted to your rifle.

Heavy Duty Optics Adapter

Turns your Davros head into a super stable optics and camera platform in seconds. The magnetic attachment system gives instant fitting and has an adjustable lever system for extra security.

Light Duty Optics Adapter

Enables you to use your Davros head with lightweight cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars or anything else with a ¼”-20 thread.

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